M.A. Online: Faculty

Andy Bechtel

MEJO 711: Writing for Digital Media

Professor Bechtel teaches editing for print and digital media. He's interested in headline writing, social media and alternative story forms.



Mark Briggs

MEJO 719: Leadership in Digital Media Economics

An author, entrepreneur and executive, Professor Briggs focuses on digital strategy, business development, workplace transformation, audience and revenue building, teaching and collaboration.



Joseph Cabosky

MEJO 713: Digital Data and Analytics

Dr. Cabosky's research and creative work focuses on diversifying public relations by better appreciating the differences among publics and how this diversity should lead to better ways to build relationships with publics and stakeholders.



Tori Ekstrand

MEJO 718: Media Law for the Digital Age

Dr. Ekstrand uses critical and mixed methods approaches to studying media law and policy – with specific research on conflicts between copyright law and the First Amendment and on web accessibility for people with disabilities.



Rhonda Gibson

Program Director

Dr. Gibson's most recent research focuses on media portrayals of sexual minorities and the influence of these portrayals on both individual perceptions and public conversations.



Anne Johnston

MEJO 716: Research Methods and Applications

Dr. Johnston's research focuses on media coverage of sex trafficking and other forms of gender-based violence.



Kimberly Moore

MEJO 720: Strategic Communication

Dr. Moore is vice president of marketing and external relations for North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company and previously held faculty positions at North Carolina A&T State University and North Carolina State University.



Laura Ruel

MEJO 721: Usability and Multimedia Design

Professor Ruel teaches design, user experience and interactive media for the school’s visual communication sequences.



Elise M. Stevens

MEJO 715: New Media and Society

Dr. Stevens is a media psychology researcher who investigates the emotional and cognitive effects of health communication, persuasive messages, humor messages, and entertainment programming.



Lisa Villamil

MEJO 717: Information Visualization

Professor Villamil designs human-centered visual systems and structures using information design, data visualization and creative technologies to help people understand complex ideas and find meaning.