Diversity and Inclusion


Course syllabuses are accessible on the Park Library web page


  • The Black Press and U.S. History (MEJO 342) – A chronological survey of the African-American press in the United States since 1827. 
  • Diversity and Communication (MEJO 441) – An examination of racial stereotypes and minority portrayals in United States culture and communication.  
  • Gender, Class, Race and Mass Media (MEJO 442) – An examination of the roles of sociocultural forces and media professionals in shaping notions of gender, race and class, as well as the effects of those portrayals on the audience, at both the individual and societal levels. 
  • Latino Media Studies (MEJO 443) – An introductory course to the study of United States Latina/os and the media.
  • Global Communication and Comparative Journalism (MEJO 446) – Examines the development of international communication; the flow of news and international propaganda; the role of communication in international relations; communication in developing nations; and comparison of press systems.
  • International Media Markets (MEJO 447) – The study of media system operations in a particular country, such as Mexico, including how news and information are disseminated and used by audiences. 
  • Graduate Seminar in International Communication (MEJO 846) – Reading and research in selected topics such as global news flow, communication and social change, communication in the collapse of communism, Western dominance in international communication, global culture and the influence of technology.
  • Graduate Seminar in Communication for Social Change (MEJO 847) – Examines how grassroots and participatory strategies are being combined with communication technologies to promote social change in Third World settings of developed and developing nations.
Check MJ-school’s course schedule for special topics classes focusing on diversity and inclusion. 
For information on UNC-Chapel Hill diversity awards and scholarships, plus education and training workshops and program initiatives, visit the Diversity and Multicultural Affairs website.

Other resources

Worried about inclusive language? Here are styles guides that can help ensure you use inclusive language when writing for these courses: