Online Learning

MATC courses are taught over a 15-week semester with course content usually broken into one or two-week modules. All courses are taught online using an asynchronous course management system with centralized or in-house technical support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Most courses are taught using a fully asynchronous model, meaning there are no scheduled times all students need to be present “in class.” A few classes use synchronous technologies, like Adobe Connect, to allow students the opportunity to attend a live lecture, course discussion, or assignment critique. These sessions are set in advance, giving students time to adjust their schedules. The sessions also are taped for viewing later if students are not able to attend. There is no requirement that you are online at a specific time, but we have heard from students that they enjoy these sessions and the connection it affords with faculty members and fellow students.

Each class reflects the individual approach and personality of the instructor but is organized uniformly and in accordance with best practices in online instruction. Content is delivered using online lectures, narrated PowerPoint presentations, textbook readings, case studies, blogs and links to readings. A core part of each class is its discussion board, which simulates the give-and-take of the classroom. Students are required to participate in the discussion boards, posting meaningful comments throughout the semester.

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