On-campus sessions

All MATC students must attend two on-campus sessions—a two-day orientation and a weeklong summer residency. These sessions provide essential supplementary training and opportunities to build relationships among students and faculty.

The sessions are held in Carroll Hall, the home of the UNC School of Media and Journalism on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Completion of the residencies is a pre-requisite for subsequent MATC course registration.

Transportation, lodging and meal expenses to attend the on-campus sessions are the responsibility of the student and are in addition to tuition and fees.

Orientation (in Carroll Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill)

A two-day orientation is held in August, usually on a Thursday and Friday, before classes start. During orientation, students meet MATC faculty and administrators, learn more about the curriculum, and:

  • Get to know MATC classmates.
  • Hear from faculty about the format and expectations of first-year classes.
  • Interact with students from previous cohorts.
  • Discuss strategies for studying online and for balancing school with family and work responsibilities.
  • Tour the UNC campus and Carroll Hall
  • Review technology used in online courses.
  • Undergo training in use of library resources.
  • Discuss expectations and responsibilities of the UNC Honor Code and other policies and procedures.

Summer residency (in Carroll Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill)

Following the first year of instruction, students attend a weeklong residency (Monday-Friday) in May. Students receive insight about various forms of multimedia storytelling and how they work together to create a cohesive package. Leadership and management training are also included.

  • Instruction in audio-visual information gathering. Students will produce and edit a video stroy for online presentation.
  • Leadership training with a focus on the digital media environment.
  • Preliminary discussions about students’ final projects.
  • Informal networking with MATC faculty, administrators and students.