Course Schedule

The MATC is a 30-credit program consisting of nine three-credit courses and a three-credit final project (non-traditional thesis). There is a set curriculum, meaning there is a prescribed list of courses that are designed to be taken in order. The MATC has no electives. Completion of the program should take 2.5 years. 

Upon completion of coursework, students must take a written comprehensive examination to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum. The exam is given at the end of the spring semester of the second year of the program and may be taken at UNC or remotely.

Semester Course Number Course Title Credits Course Format
Summer I   Orientation (in August) 0 On-campus
Fall I MEJO 711 Writing for Digital Media 3 Online
Fall I MEJO 716 Research Methods and Applications 3 Online
Spring I MEJO 717 Information Visualization 3 Online
Spring I MEJO 713 Digital Data and Analytics 3 Online
Summer II   Summer Residency (in May) 0 On-campus
Summer II MEJO 715 New Media and Society 3 Online
Fall II MEJO 720 Strategic Communication 3 Online
Fall II MEJO 721 Usability and Multimedia Design 3 Online
Spring II MEJO 718 Media Law for the Digital Age 3 Online
Spring II MEJO 719 Leadership in Digital Media Economics 3 Online
Fall III MEJO 992 Non-Traditional Thesis 3 Online
Total     30