Advising and Support

MATC administrators and faculty are aware of challenges facing working professionals pursuing graduate studies on a part-time basis. Work assignments, family responsibilities and business travel create time constraints.

No more than 20 students are admitted each year, ensuring that personal attention is given to each student. The MATC academic director monitors student progress and addresses any concerns and questions. After the first semester, the MATC academic director meets in person or by phone with each student to ensure that the experience is meeting the student's needs and to begin planning for the final project.

The MATC academic director also provides guidance to students in selection of a final project adviser. Initial discussions with possible advisers may be held during the summer residency following the first year of classes. The adviser is a member of the School of Media and Journalism’s full-time faculty and works closely with the student on all aspects of his or her final project.

In addition to active participation in their online courses, MATC faculty members are available by email, phone or videoconference for individual questions. Technical support and student services assistance are available in-house.

Students are provided with an MATC student handbook at orientation that includes all program-level policies, procedures and forms within the guidelines set forth by the UNC Graduate School Handbook.