Whom is the program for?

The MATC is intended for mid-career professionals with three or more years in a communication-related field seeking an immersion in digital media theory and applications. The MATC provides a cutting-edge curriculum for dedicated professionals who wish to extend their educations beyond the baccalaureate degree and to modernize their skills and knowledge base.

Specifically, the MATC:

  • Increases familiarity with digital media tools and their constantly evolving roles in communication industries.
  • Integrates rigorous scholarship and communication technology acumen to bring both intellectual and strategic leadership to the complex challenges of communication and business.
  • Positions graduates for leadership roles by providing them with knowledge of changing digital media business models, allowing them to manage new communication technologies strategically to achieve an organization's mission.
  • Broadens and deepens students’ knowledge of communication theory as it applies to digital media.
  • Fosters skills needed to conduct innovative research and analysis.
  • Shows students how to use critical analysis to identify and articulate a core problem or opportunity.
  • Offers instruction from award-winning teachers who utilize thought-provoking industry case studies to emphasize real-world problem solving.
  • Provides opportunities for networking with industry experts and career-focused peers.

As a nationally acclaimed journalism and mass communication program, the UNC School of Media and Journalism sees online education as a way to reach an important group of students: working professionals who cannot take time away from their careers and families to return to campus. The MATC delivers the same rigorous education online that generations of students have experienced in our residential program.

Students must be well-organized and highly motivated to keep up with the demands of the program. Time management skills are essential for successful completion of the degree.

Students do not need to hold advanced information technology skills prior to entering the program. However, they must be willing to learn new approaches and adapt. See our online learning essentials for myths about online learning and tips for success as an online student.