Cohort Nature

MATC students are admitted in groups of 20 or fewer students each fall. Those student groups, call cohorts, progress through the program together. Over the course of two and a half years, students build a support system, a professional network and lasting friendships.


Being a member of an MATC cohort means being a member of a team. Each student group is small, no more than 20 students, to simulate the give-and-take of a seminar-like experience. Students are advocates for and resources to one another and work together on class projects and real-world challenges. MATC students get to know cohort members right away and subsequently bond over the demands of balancing graduate school with their work and family lives.


Students are able to further develop their professional network in close interaction with career-focused peers, industry experts and MATC faculty. MATC students also take advantage of other exceptional faculty members throughout the School of Media and Journalism.

Students are encouraged to use other networking tools like the J-Link online alumni directory for school alumni and the MJ-school Technology and Communication LinkedIn group.


MATC students spend a lot of time together online as well as in-person during the on-campus requirements. While students are not always online at the same time, they are in constant dialogue via class discussion forums, email, Twitter and other social media sites. The nature of the program provides unparalleled opportunities for interaction and engagement. Students are often surprised by the sense of community that being in an online environment creates.